Your State Election 2015 candidates for Kogarah, Oatley & Rockdale had this to say about the proposed changes to Kogarah’s LEP:

State Election 2015 – KOGARAH

(in order of Ballot Draw) UnknownTANG Annie, Unity Party
awaiting reply

10419954_486820728122823_7800449445006520124_nHEBER Brent, The Greens
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Portrait_WebARONEY Nick, Liberal
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11026215_794925303928261_4073719276929853026_n (2)SUSILO Sonny, Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
Dear Kogarah City Residents,

Population growth from birth, overseas and domestic migration will increase demand of Housing and The State Government has overall responsibility for ensuring that the housing needs of our communities are satisfied and, through the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy and have set housing targets for councils to achieve.

Increase of Housing demand will need larger scales of Infrastructure such as roads, rail links, public schools, and park including community area (playground) to support it. Until now, we have not seen development proposal to upgrade the supporting infrastructures. The delivery and development of Supporting Infrastructure should be done prior to housing project starts.

We, Christian Democratic Party, believe local communities should be allowed to decide what is built in their own local community and understand Public Transport has been an area of concern therefore we are committed to work with government to improve the condition of Public Transport involving residents in the area.

When elected to NSW Lower House, I will prioritise infrastructure development to support these changes to be in place first, including:

1. Public Transport (Train) – new train timetable to support high density area for present need and future growth, increase Opal card’s response and support time to ease peak time traffic condition, equal access and treatment of public transport facility for person with a disability;

2. Road – improve current road condition including full audit of current Road Traffic during peak & off-peak times, identification of high risk area, Traffic Lights timing, Road lights and Road Signs.

3. Public Schools – assessment of local public school capacity and facility to cope with population growth.


Yours sincerely,
Sonny Susilo
Christian Democratic Party’s candidate for Kogarah electorate.

facebook_no_profile_pic2-jpgLIN David, No Land Tax    c/o
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1422379_682768705087279_198146541_nMINNS Chris, Labor
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State Election 2015 – OATLEY

(in order of Ballot Draw) 885_535391966507562_1685291430_nCOURE Mark, Liberal
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facebook_no_profile_pic2-jpgEADES Dean, No Land Tax    c/o
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10671367_594895733977577_5304855764758109216_nCLARK Philippa, The Greens

Hi, Thank you for your letter.

I am very opposed to overdevelopment in our community. One of the four principles of the Greens is grassroots democracy, where planning and development is driven by community need, not developer greed.

In 2013, I campaigned locally against the then O’Farrell government’s proposed changes to planning laws that would have seen the community’s right to have a say scrapped for 80% of new developments. During that campaign I was joined by Greens MP David Shoebridge at a community forum in South Hurstville, which I coordinated and chaired.

In relation to the Kogarah Council LEP, I attended the community meeting at Jubilee Oval about the LEP, and was appalled at the lack of community consultation.

My view has always been that councils should make planning decisions that are in the best interests of the ratepayers, and should be free to do so without any inducement from the state government. Certainly, they should not have their hand forced to cram as many people into a locality as possible, without any regard to the social fabric of the area.

I wish you all the best with your campaign.

Kind regards
Philippa Clark Greens Candidate for Oatley

1512574_524474071021008_6748600197639566837_nSMITH O’Bray, Labor
Dear Members
I thank you for this opportunity to respond on the proposed Kogarah Council LEP.

It’s unfortunatete that this document is named for Kogarah Council because, in fact, this LEP is the direct result of the changes the NSW Liberals have made to the State planning system. At the last election the Liberals said they would return planning approvals to local communities. However when they got in to power, they did the exact opposite and removed the power of communities and local Councils to have any say in the process.

And so we now have to deal with the proposed LEP for the Kogarah Council area. Having reviewed the plan in detail I’m shocked at the plans for the south end of King Georges Road and the Pricess Highway at Blakehurst.

My brother used to sail at the Kogarah Bay sailing club there and the idea of 7 storey buildings along that road is disgraceful. The area has 1 road that is already over used. Placing hundreds of extra vehicles on these roads is disgraceful.

I believe in restoring real planning control to local Councils and communities. I am deeply concerned that the Land and Environment Court is nothing more now than a court that forces local communities to do what the developers want.

Before local communities are forced to take on additional residents, the State government needs a comprehensive plan to provide appropriate amenities. Public transport expansion is essential for any new developments, as are facilities for water, electricity and green space accomodation.

On the north shore of Sydney, we are seeing the results of poor planning for school facilities. Overcrowding of schools are occuring where inappropriate over development was approved by Liberal Councils without any planning. We don’t want the same thing to happen here, Bald Face Public School is not ready for that sort of influx.

I have spoken to community activists and am aware of the strong feeling locally on this issue. I commend locals who have got active and applaud their action at Kogarah Oval recently.

I look foward to working with you all should I be elected this Saturday.

O’Bray Smith ALP Candidate for Oatley

facebook_no_profile_pic2-jpgLAWRENCE Wayne, Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) c/o
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State Election 2015 – ROCKDALE

(in order of Ballot Draw) 10590523_815522235133127_6995815831037535463_nFLOWERS John, Liberal
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1799151_10204829389269056_9082864120214422245_oDAOUD Jamal, Independent
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11029974_946951008658210_7510806351955913382_nEL-DAGHL Lena, Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
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1799151_10204829389269056_9082864120214422245_oSNOWDON Madeleina, The Greens
awaiting reply

10687134_345713605583309_5670008277018945094_nKAMPER Steve, Labor
awaiting reply

facebook_no_profile_pic2-jpgCHOKER Sam, No Land Tax    c/o awaiting reply

2 Comments on “”

  1. Labrynth says:

    Let get something straight here.

    The LEP of every council is guided by the NSW metropolitan plan.

    The metropolitan plan is part of the liberal parties vision for the state.

    If the Liberal party of NSW win the state election it is a sign of support for Liberals vision for the state by the people of NSW.

    The Kogarah LEP is in line with the metropolitan plan therefore it is line with elected governments plan for this state and by default the majority of people in NSW.

    The electorate in the St George area don’t live in a bubble and are therefore guided by the policies of the NSW state government which is the liberal party.

    There fore as long as the LEP follows the metropolitan plan there is nothing you can do to protest the new LEP.


    • this comment is rubbish there is plenty you can do to protest against the council not acting in the public interest. this LEP IS INVAILD AND IT ONLY SERVS ONE INTEREST THE DEVELOPER> REGRDS JOHN ENVIROMENTAL LAWYER>


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