Kogarah City Council’s NEW CITY PLAN

Kogarah Council 27 Mar 2015 copy editedNOTICE – 27 March 2015: A letter was issued to all residents, signed by the Mayor and General Manager of Kogarah City Council:

Notice of exhibition of a Planning Proposal to amend Kogarah Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 – New City Plan”
“ … The public exhibition commences on 30 March 2015 and will conclude on 29 May 2015.” “… It would be appreciated if you could spend some time reviewing the material as it is important, not only to just our current residents. but also our collective future.”

To doNew-City-Plan-Newsletter PDFwnload/view the NEW CITY PLAN newsletter that was delivered with the notification letter by Kogarah City Council, click on this link: New-City-Plan-Newsletter PDF

Kogarah City Council have created an additional website with further information and to upload your written submissions, this is a direct link: http://kogarahnewcityplan.com.au/a-new-plan-for-our-city

If you have an objection to any of the proposed rezoning for more development in the Kogarah Local Government Area, you must provide this with your reasons, by writing a letter to Kogarah City Council, before 5:00pm, Friday 29 May 2015.

You can choose to make your written submission in any of the following ways:

You must also disclose in your letter, if you have made a reportable political donation in the past two (2) years.  If you have, a form can be found on Council’s website (or obtained by clicking here) to be completed and attached to your submission.

Kogarah Ci20140724_LZN_A3ty Council’s New City Plan website however, will not provide you with the full sized rezoning maps – they have 8-piece sectioned maps for you to study.

The only place the public can view the full sized maps in one piece, is on the kogarah.org website – to see them in full, click here

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