Public Meeting – Sunday, 17 May 2015 @ 3:00pm – Have your say!


Get the Facts

Public Meeting
Sunday 17 May 2015
3:00 pm
Kogarah School of Arts
Cnr. Queens Ave & Bowns Road, Kogarah
All welcome

Dear Kogarah Residents,

We asked Kogarah City Council to provide a public forum to engage the community in discussion about the many changes proposed for Kogarah’s Local Environment Plan (LEP).

Kogarah City Council told us in reply, they would not host a public forum; this is why we are holding a community meeting next Sunday, 17 May 2015.

We have a short time to become informed and voice our concerns. We will live with the results forever. We must act today, to get the best results from development for our community, within an environment in which we can all live.

The United Kogarah City Residents Association

The New City Plan is not the solution, it will create more problems Council has got the planning WRONG:

Version 2Kogarah City Council’s New City Plan claims to be planning for the future. But here are the facts:

  • it doesn’t align with the State’s plan for Sydney’s growth over the next 20 years – sub-regional plans for Kogarah as a ‘strategic centre’ won’t be drafted until mid this year;
  • it is not accommodating housing targets set by the State – no targets are set for Kogarah LGA;
  • it doesn’t take into account the need for additional open space or playing fields for an increased population, and no improvements to infrastructure and facilities have been planned;
  • it ignores NSW Government Department of Planning guidelines which discourage developments near busy roads due to the serious health risks associated with traffic noise, pollution and vehicle emissions;
  • it will create loss of privacy and overshadowing from multi-storey buildings in low scale residential areas, but no solar access or wind studies have been conducted;
  • it will bring thousands more cars into Kogarah LGA streets, but no traffic or parking studies have guided the drafting of the LEP.

Photo: The Princes Highway, Kogarah and surrounds now: parking problems, traffic congestion and gridlock.

Have your say before it’s too late

If you object to any of the proposed changes to the Kogarah LEP, you must give your reasons in a letter and send it to Kogarah City Council, before 5:00pm, Friday, May 29 2015.

Send your letter by post to:

New City Plan Kogarah City Council Locked Bag 8 Kogarah NSW 2217

or by email to:

Take action now:
Your voice is powerful – make it heard!

Tell your Councillors to take part in this community meeting and discussion about the changes proposed throughout Kogarah’s environment.

Call or write to your Kogarah City Councillors:

(North Ward)

Cr Stephen Agius
Mob: 0419 556 023

Cr Nick Katris
Mob: 0419 402 191

Cr Lachlan McLean
Mob: 0419 555 863

(Middle Ward)

Cr Nickolas Varvaris (Emeritus Mayor)
Ph: 9330 9503

Cr Kathryn Landsberry
Mob: 0419 984 934

Cr Nathaniel Smith
Mob: 0418 224 291

(West Ward)

Cr Nicholas Aroney
Mob: 0419 418 199

Cr George Katsabaris
Mob: 0418 129 871

Cr Jacinta Petroni
Mob: 0414 609 957

(East Ward)

Cr Michael Platt (Mayor)
Mob: 0419 406 168

Cr Annie Tang (Deputy Mayor)
Mob: 0409 240 760

Cr Sam Stratikopoulos
Mob: 0418 293 672

Call or write to your State Members of Parliament:

Mr Mark Coure MP (Oatley)
Phone: (02) 9580 9349

Mr Chris Minns MP (Kogarah)
Phone: (02) 9587 9684

Mr Steve Kamper MP (Rockdale)
Phone: (02) 9597 1414

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