Submissions close TODAY email or deliver by 5:00 pm!

Submissions close today, Friday 29 May, at 5:00 pm.  Either email or deliver your submission – even if it’s only one line, it still counts as a submission and that demonstrates to your local government that you care about your community.

Thank you, The United Kogarah City Residents Association

Proposed-Amendments-to-Kogarah-LEP-2012Kogarah Council
Proposed Amendments to Kogarah LEP 2012
Prepared by Kogarah Council Version 1.0 July 2014

In addition to increasing the number of medium density zonings in the NEW CITY PLAN, Kogarah City Council is proposing to introduce the following new zonings – read more in the PDF download here:  Proposed-Amendments-to-Kogarah-LEP-2012

The Planning Proposal proposes to introduce three (3) new zones into Kogarah LEP 2012, being:
Zone R4 – High Density Residential;
Zone B6 – Enterprise Corridor; and
Zone E2 – Environmental Conservation.
A copy of the Land Use Tables relating to each of these new zones is included at Annexure C-1.

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