Is Kogarah Council rezoning your home? Check the list:


  • The exhibition period for the NEW CITY PLAN ended in May 2015.  Council’s project team reviewed the 1,879 submissions received and considers 330 submissions were in favour of the proposed changes and 1,470 submissions were against.
  • Council’s project team has now completed a 68-page report on the NEW CITY PLAN, including recommendations for future action.
  • One week’s notice was given by Kogarah City Council for everyone to voice their concerns directly to their Councillors at a Public Forum for the NEW CITY PLAN, next Monday 31 August 2015.

New City Plan RECOMMENDATIONS included in 
Kogarah City Council, Officer’s Report, August 2015:

Allawah:  Proceed with increased heights of 5 and 7-storeys (Railway Parade) and rezone with increased height to 5-storeys (Woids Avenue).

Beverley Park (Rocky Point Road):  Proceed with rezoning and increase height to 5-storeys.

Blakehurst (Centre):  Proceed with rezoning and increase heights to 4 and 7-storeys.

Blakehurst (Waterfront):  Proceed with rezoning and increase heights to 5 and 7-storeys.

(Railway Parade):  Proceed with increased heights of 5 and 7-storeys.

(Andover Street):  Proceed with increased height to 5-storeys.

(Princes Highway):  Proceed with rezoning (Jubilee Avenue to Plant Street), increase height to 7-storeys.

Carlton (Beverley Park):  Proceed with rezoning (Stubbs Street to Park Road) including changes of further increases to the height of 7-storeys.

Hurstville (Centre):  Proceed with rezoning (Woniora Road, Ormonde and Railway Parades) with increased heights between 5 to 13-storeys.

Kogarah (North):  Proceed with rezoning to the height of 11-storeys.

(Town Centre): Proceed to increase heights to 3, 5 and 13-storeys.

Kogarah (South):  Proceed with rezoning for increased heights of 5, 7 and 13-storeys.

(Rocky Point Road):  Proceed with rezoning for increased heights of 5 and 7-storeys.

Waterfront Properties:  Proceed with removal of ‘Environmental’ zonings, change to ‘Residential’ with dual occupancies on foreshores.


Click here to go to Kogarah City Council’s NEW CITY PLAN website for the 
Council Officer’s Response to Submissions – Report to Council August 2015 (PDF 948KB)


Link to the PDF:
New City Plan – Public Forum Report – August 28, 2015



Let Council hear your views on the NEW CITY PLAN:

  • Call Kogarah Council’s Customer Service Centre now and register to speak at the Public Forum, phone 9330-9400. You must register before 4:00 pm, TODAY Friday, 28 August 2015.
  • Attend the Public Forum being held at the Venus Reception Centre, 20 Belgrave Street, Kogarah (next to the Greek Orthodox Church). Hear the concerns raised throughout our community about living in a new environment of substantially increased housing density.
  • Contact your Councillors, you elected them to represent you. You can find their details on Kogarah City Council’s website and our website.

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