Kogarah City Council’s Public Forum for the New City Plan

Kogarah City Council’s Public Forum for the New City PlanRC_31082015_MIN_EXTRA

Kogarah City Council’s Extraordinary Council Meeting, held Monday, 31 August 2015 – the Public Forum for the New City Plan – produced the following minutes which lists the speakers before Council

Click here to download a PDF of the Extraordinary Council Meeting Minutes.


Public Forum News

A well-informed resident speaking at the Public Forum, raised an important point in their verbal submission. Back in the year 2012, an amendment was made to Section 451 of the Local Government Act, which changed the law to allow councillors to vote on changes to planning controls they have an interest in, as long as that interest is declared.

The Minister for Local Government, The Hon. Paul Toole MP, made the following statement to the press less than a week before the Public Forum:

“Let me make this clear: the government will amend the relevant section of the Local Government Act to ensure councillors will not be able to vote on any matters in which they have a pecuniary interest.” (The Hon. Paul Toole MP)

Mayor Platt thanked the resident for raising this point and took this opportunity to read the following prepared statement:

“Following the Minister for Local Government’s announcement last week, that he would be reviewing the issue, Council has communicated with the Minister’s office and the Office of Local Government and is awaiting further advice regarding the process moving forward. And we certainly will not be making a decision on the Draft, proposed LEP until we receive that advice.” (Mayor Platt, Kogarah City Council)

Therefore, the decision-making process for the New City Plan, has effectively been put ‘on hold’ until Kogarah City Council receives further information from the Minister for Local Government.

The United Kogarah City Residents Association Inc. alliance of community groups, extends profound gratitude to all residents who took part in the Public Forum as speakers and supporters. Everyone’s generosity in sharing their varied perspectives of the New City Plan, provided a valuable understanding to the impacts envisaged from the changes proposed across our local government area.

We thank Kogarah City Council for granting the Public Forum and allowing these verbal submissions to be accepted in addition to the written submissions lodged in May this year. We thank Councillors for their time and attention given to their community’s discourse, before they receive a final report from Council Officers.

Our alliance of community groups, believes the majority in attendance speaking against the New City Plan has sent a very strong message. The Kogarah community’s strength gained from united support, can and will make a difference. We would like to repeat the words one a speaker at the Forum:

“… we are not just building blocks for development, we are people, a community …”

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