Update from Kogarah City Council: 10 March 2016 – Current status of the New City Plan

Update: 10 March 2016 - Current status of the New City Plan | A New Plan for our City | Kogarah NewUPDATE – March 10, 2016:
Here is the link to Kogarah City Council’s announcement upon their New City Plan website; or read it all here:

Update: 10 March 2016 – Current status of the New City Plan

Consideration of the New City Plan (NCP) has been delayed since the Public Forum held on 31 August 2015 due to unforeseen circumstances that have impacted on Council’s ability to consider the matter.

Amendments were introduced to the legislative provisions regarding Special Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest and the capacity for Councillors to vote on such matters. Accordingly, progress of the plan was delayed until such time as those amendments were resolved.

These amendments appear to have had an impact on the ability for Council to form a quorum to consider the NCP as a plan that applies to the whole of the Kogarah local government area. The Office of Local Government has advised Council to give consideration to breaking the NCP into geographically separate elements with a view to achieving a quorum of Councillors for those specific components. Council officers are currently exploring such options.

Council also sought clarification from the Office of Local Government on the ability to continue consideration of the NCP. In a recent response, the Office of Local Government raised no objection to Council considering the NCP during the merger proposal period.

It is anticipated that a final report on the NCP will be presented to Council in April. This information will be updated if there is any change to this position.

– Kogarah City Council