JRPP Hearing: 12-22 Woniora Road, Hurstville

NOTICE: 20 April 2016
Notice of Regional Panel Meeting
Sydney East Joint Regional Planning PanelScreenshot 2016-04-15 21.40.25
The Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel (regional panel) will meet to consider the following development application that has been referred to the regional panel for determination:

2015SYE12 – Kogarah – 191/2015 – Construction of a mixed use development comprising two buildings of 18 and 11 storeys, containing a community space, two commercial tenancies and 384 residential units over a six level basement car park which incorporates 79 public car spaces – 12-22 Woniora Road, Hurstville.

Date: Wednesday 20 April 2016
Time: 12:00pm
Location: Christies Conference Centre, 3 Spring Street, Sydney

Meeting Agenda and Council Assessment Report
 is available at www.jrpp.nsw.gov.au

Register to speak
To register to speak at the meeting, contact the Regional Panel Secretariat before 4:00pm on Monday 18 April 2016, on (02) 9228 2060 or email jrppenquiry@jrpp.nsw.gov.au

Guidelines for speakers
As the panel will have read all the submissions and documentation before the panel meeting, you should focus your oral submission on the assessment report and its recommendation rather than re-stating the information in your written submission.

As a guide, individual submitter will have 3 minutes to speak. A community organisation/group will have 10 minutes in total for a representative(s) to speak on their behalf. The applicant, including their consultant(s), will have a total of 15 minutes to present and address issues raised in public submissions. Any requests fro extending time limits should be made to the panel at the meeting and may be granted at the discretion of the panel chair.

Further enquires, Angela Kenna – Project Officer (02) 9228 2060.

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