Community Meeting – November 16, 2014 MEETING FLIER v2

The United Kogarah City Residents Association:  Community Meeting Notice (PDF)

One Comment on “Community Meeting – November 16, 2014”

  1. Erwin Heinrich says:

    Hi there,

    Many thanks for organising this site and I hope I’m able to offer constructive assistance to the association. I don’t wish to complain or be negative (bit hard at times) but be able to move forward with all the residents of Kogarah where everyone benefits.

    I live in Short Street Kogarah (nearest cross street is Gray) opposite St George Hospital. I’m currently, the president of the body corporate. I’ve lived here for 20 years odd years and have seen many changes. Many of which I feel are questionable to say the least.

    My interest is seeing that Short, Chapel and Gray Streets (SCGS) become high density residential. I appreciate that all residents may not be ok with this change and I’m happy to discuss our situation. My concern is that the new LEP may rezone this area (SCGS) specifically special purposes i.e. for hospital purposes only.

    I had a bad experience with Kogarah City Council (KCC) & St George Hospital (SGH), with the rezoning of 2 and 4 Short Streets and 1 & 3 Chapel Streets, to special purposes for the construction St George Mental Health Centre (now located in South Street). Bottom line, the owners of 2 & 4 Short Streets won their battle to have their properties rezoned Business Medical Suites, but it did come at a cost.

    I’m not in favour in having a 12 storey Old Age Care Residence at Princes Hwy & Chapel St. It just doesn’t match the existing heights of the neighbouring buildings. I’m sure St George Private Hospital would have loved the opportunity to be able to build 12 storeys too.

    Finally, if I’ve upset anyone by the above comments, I do apologise.

    Kind Regards

    Erwin Heinrich


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