Kogarah City Council’s Information

‘A New Plan for Our City’

(Source: Kogarah City Council website)

Planning for the future of our City

Planning for future development, including housing, across the City of Kogarah is an important part of Council’s responsibilities. The Sydney metropolitan area is growing, with the population steadily increasing and demographics shifting. These changes have impacts right across the Sydney metropolitan area, including in the City of Kogarah.

Council is proposing a new plan for the City which is intended to create a framework that will deliver housing to meet the needs of Kogarah’s current population and the needs of future generations. The aim of the plan is to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of different housing types over the next 20 years to meet the needs of our growing community.

Further details about the proposed plan can be found below, or in the Community Information Sheet.

(The following links open in Kogarah City Council’s website:)

Why do we need a new Plan for the City?

What is the new City Plan?

Strategic Reports

Planning Proposal

Frequently Asked Questions

(NEW) Process Chart

Current Documents:

New-City-Plan-Fact-Sheet-2014v2    Kogarah City Council:  Community Information Sheet (PDF)

Kogarah-Housing-Strategy-2031    Kogarah City Council:  Kogarah Housing Strategy 2031 (PDF)

Earlier Documents:

2012-Community-Strategic-Plan-Final-amendment-19-March-2014    Kogarah City Council:  Community Strategic Plan 2030 (PDF).  First published in May 2010 by Kogarah City Council, revised December 2012 and adopted 25 February 2013.


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